Spaces dedicated to the broader public to screen creative VR were once rare and uncommon, but Limina Immersive created a touring events format in 2017 that they took around the country, in partnership with major arts venues, ultimately reaching over 15,000 people. In 2019 they set up the Limina VR Theatre, the UK’s first arts venue dedicated to virtual reality – a six month pop-up on Bristol’s Harbourside.

The venue screened experiences every weekend in a unique calm and mindful format, often likened to a spa. Alongside the screenings, audiences often offered their views in post-show focus groups for partner universities.


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A review of Limina Theatre by 365bristol says this:
The Limina experience demonstrates what virtual reality is capable of: it can raise awareness of global issues by literally bringing those affected areas to us.

More information about Limina Theatre can be found here:


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