Flight is remarkable. With cheap plane flights ten-a-penny, it’s easy to forget that there is still an intrinsic wonder to flying that people sometimes forget, much like the child-like awe when a child enters a plane for the first time. To tap into that sense again, Fly puts people into an experiential VR installation that resided in the Saatchi Gallery.


Fly also presents the history of flight, from nature to modern-day aeroplanes – an education piece for anyone curious to learn about the United Kingdom’s prestigious history of flight innovation.

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The Exhibition brought to life the BA 2119: Flight of the Future report, which found that hyper-personalisation and immersive virtual realities were apart of the numerous aspects which made up the future of air travel.

More details on the BA 2119: Flight of the Future report and this exhibition can be found here.


Sony announced that they sold 4.2 million PSVR headsets

The PSVR uses the power of the PS4/PS5 to run experiences designed for the gamers that play on the console.

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