University of Birmingham Human Interface Technologies Team, Royal Navy’s Submarine School in Devonport, Cranfield University, BAE Systems Yeovil, and Modux Ltd.

    In 2006, it became well-established that gaming technologies can help build virtual environments at a fraction of the cost. To push the capabilities to its limits, the University of Birmingham’s Human Interface Technologies Team worked with BAE to create an interactive version of a Trafalgar Class submarine.



    SubSafe was an early example of a trend that still permeates the immersive sector today; the use of game engines to create training environments. Both Unity and the Unreal engines, both popular game engines that run the latest game titles, are also used to create training for firefighters and navy officers alike.

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    The SubSafe impact case study stated that the SubSafe programme had improved the delivery of spatial awareness and safety training for recruits over legacy practices such as Powerpoint, “Chalk-and-talk” and technical manuals.


    The first iPhone launched

    The original iPhone launched to widespread acclaim because of its user-first design principles, such as the multi-touch display.