In the first ever city-scale Augmented Reality (AR) experience for Wallace & Gromit, multi-award®-winning independent studio Aardman has partnered with immersive storytelling consortium Fictioneers for the release of their latest collaboration: ‘The Big Fix Up’. The application uses AR and hyper-precise digital scanning to transform the cities of Bristol, Cardiff and San Francisco into a virtual stage.

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff, UK © Aardman Animations / W&G Ltd. & Fictioneers Ltd. 2021


Using 3D mapping platform Fantasmo, Fictioneers created a city-scale augmented reality experience to bring the different city centres to life. Working with Unity Technologies, using its new Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) platform and AR Foundation toolkit, Fictoneers were able to create new and entertaining adventures of Wallace & Gromit.

The Fictioneers consortium is a collaboration of partners including: Potato – a digital product studio based in London and San Francisco, Sugar Creative – an award-winning multi-skilled studio who specialise in bringing imagination to life and Tiny Rebel Games Limited – an award-winning publisher and developer of mobile games and other platforms.


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For an in-depth look into what it takes to make an experience such as this, the University of South Wales and Fictioneers put together a timeline detailing the different stages the project went through including challenges and breakthroughs along the way to final release.

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