Where sound is a key driver in delivering the experience

Spatial Audio

Audio sources that reside in a 3D space in physical relation to the audience


The use of an orchestra to provide the soundtrack


Experiences to calm the mind and free the soul.


Actors being captured performing a piece.


Preparing the user to complete a task or to perform in a particular environment


Using technology to replicate a real world situation


Where figures are manipulated to appear as moving images


Where two or more users can experience a piece of content together


Using technology such as gloves and body suits to convey information through the sense of touch


Experiences that incorporate the use of more than one sense to tell a story


An account of a series of events

Live Actors

Users experiencing content where the acting is happening live


Dramatic performances usually based in a theatre


When there is something not understood or beyond comprehension that must be solved


A problem designed to test ingenuity or knowledge


Taking a look back at the past to gain a better understanding of our future


Where the user is expected to move from one location to another to progress


Where the user is invited to explore their surrounds whether digital or physical to progress the story


Content that is played according to a specific set of rules with a win/lose condition


Experiences that take place inside a closed environment

Mobile Devices

Content that can be experienced from a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet


Where the experience takes place outside

Body Tracking

Through the use of different technologies, the body is tracked and able to manipulate a virtual avatar


Using real world objects to help add realism to a story

Urban Space

A look at inner city contemporary spaces

Motion Capture

Capturing the actors performance and translating that into a virtual character.

Virtual Reality

Where the user is wholly immersed in a digital environment, totally cut off from the real world


Where the immersive experience is incorporated into a physical installation.


Immersing people in wholly virtual worlds, from exploring the inside of the human heart to flying through the sky.


On-location experiences where people roam around an area, interacting with art or characters.


Physical and digital experiences collide, providing an all-encompassing way to explore another world.

Project Rapt

A unique project which brings to life twenty years of the best of British immersive content through the parallel production of an interactive web timeline and an immersive showcase.

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