Have you ever played an online game with 100 other players? Almost two decades before the release of Fortnite, Can You See Me Now? was an online game where players tracked one another using walkie-talkies. The players traded hints and tips while avoiding the runners who are attempting to track you down. Players got lost, went out of breath, and escaped their pursuers with all the energy they could.



The work premiered at Sheffield in 2001, and received widespread acclaim for many years afterwards. The project highlights the social connectivity generated by an interconnected game, both as friends and rivals. By laying an immersive framework to a game, overlaid over a physical city, people had a great time sharing stories and playing games.


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A study on Can You See Me Now? looks at the diverse ways in which players experienced the uncertainties within GPS and WiFi and how they reacted to them during the experience arguing that designers should see these uncertainties as fundamental parts of location-based experiences rather than exceptions or bugs that might be ironed out in the future. For more information visit here.

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