Kids Room in the Playzone at the Millennium Dome

Land Design Studio Ltd and Nearlife Inc.

    ‘Kids Room’ was designed as an interactive storybook that responded directly to children’s actions within the installation. The pioneering work was a response to the brief of ‘future play’ and how the designers, artists and software developers saw children enjoying themselves through interactive collaboration in the 21st Century. The experience ran for one year and could accommodate four children.

    One significant principle was demonstrated: immersive technology’s strengths are truly amplified where there is clever, interactive design.


    On the way out of the Playzone, visitors passed the reverse side of the orientation exhibit and realised that static objects had been brought to digital life on their reverse face by use of ‘peppers ghost’ screens.

    Punchdrunk was founded

    Punchdrunk, one of the leading immersive theatre companies, was founded in 2000.

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