At the peak of the European refugee crisis of 2015, people from across the world saw stories of migrants traveling from one country to another to find a new home, often in stark and dangerous conditions. Built within the Unity platform and using Perception Neuron for motion capture, We Wait put people in the shoes of migrants traveling from Turkey to Greece in a smugglers’ boat.

Based on real life, the story places users at its heart, as the people propelled forward into the dark as waves crashed around them. Unlike the text of online news stories, the production highlighted the dangerous and helpless feelings that migrants felt.

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A quote from the book Immersive Journalism as Storytelling. Ethics, Production and Design states: “VR is a medium that offers something – immersion, interaction and even co-presence –  that other media cannot due to the degree of intimacy and interaction that VR can achieve.” This reaffirms the ability to truly connect with users in a way that a newspaper article or tv news piece could not.

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Tilt Brush released

Tilt Brush opened a new community of users to paint in an open space and showcase their works in exhibits.

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